About the Nursery

The Manse Nursery was established in 1988 by the present management, who have developed and continue to maintain a reputation for being the best nursery in the area. Our staff are qualified and experienced nursery nurses and assistants. Staff keep up to date with all current aspects of childcare through regular training sessions. The nursery is set in a large detached former Victorian vicarage, in a quiet cul-de-sac with easy access and parking. The building is in its own grounds surrounded by large play areas with lawns, trees and shrubs.

The Manse Nursery is now open after a complete refurbishment, which has included a basement conversion and the addition of an under two’s baby unit.  We are registered for 79 children from the ages of birth to eight years old. The nursery comprises of spacious, bright and welcoming rooms. The baby unit is the ground floor, the two to three’s on the first floor and the three to eight’s in the basement, which also benefits from its own entry system.

Each room has been carefully designed to create a welcoming and homely atmosphere where every child can feel relaxed, happy and safe. In turn this will aid them to learn and develop in a fun way to reach their full potential.  The staff team has also been carefully chosen, drawing on a wide range of experience and knowledge and all our staff have relevant qualifications and experience.

For the last seventeen years, we have specialized in caring for children from the ages of two to five years, but with the increasing numbers of these children going to school at four years and more recently at three years, we have adapted to changing parental needs and requirements. The redesign of the nursery has been to an exceptionally high standard and has made the nursery one of the very best on the area.

We are now taking registrations for places and invite you to come and have a look around the nursery.  Please feel free to call in for a chat with our nursery manager and a look around, or alternatively, you could ring and make an appointment.


At The Manse Nursery, we aim to provide all children with a safe, loving and stimulating environment which in turn will enable them to develop into confident “little people”. We aim to provide parents and carers with the knowledge that their children’s happiness, safety and all round well being is our main priority.


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